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Our Services

Premium, Mid-Range & Budget Tyres

We stock a large collection of Budget, Mid-range (e.g Roadstone) and Premium (e.g Michelin) tyres. All the tyres we provide are exceptional vaule for money and are characterized by outstanding performance. If we don't stock the brand you're looking for, we can order them in for the same day.
Not sure which tyre brand is best suited for your car and mileage? We understand that choosing the right tyre for your car can be confusing at times, so we're here to advise and find the best price. 

Wheel Balance

Out-of-balance tyres can cause your car to shake or your steering wheel to vibrate. We have the tools to balance any wheel including closed centre (Citroen and Peugeot alloys) as well as transit and light commerial wheels with larger centres.

Wheel Alignment (Tracking)

Hitting kerbs or driving at speed over a pothole can result in wheel misalignment. Poorly aligned tyres can affect road grip, increase fuel consumption and decrease the life of your tyres. We can correct your tracking with our top of the range equipment.

Bulbs, Batteries & Wiper Blades

We stock bulbs, batteries and wiper blades for every car so it's just a case of popping in and having a cuppa while we fit them for you. 

Locking Wheel Nut Remover

Lost the key for your locking wheel nut? Or damaged your locking wheel nut? We can easily remove and replace with brand new lockers (or normal nuts if you would prefer) which we stock. 

Brakes, Exhaust and Light Mechanical 

Coming soon...........

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