Care Tire

Budget Tyres

If price is important and you are looking for low cost tyres, our budget tyre range offers a great value-for-money alternative to premium and mid-range tyres without compromising heavily on performance. Low cost doesn’t mean low quality - we’re confident in our budget range that we offer.

Premium Tyres

High quality tyres from top manufacturers provide many benefits. Brands like Continental and Pirelli spend millions of pounds each year on research and development to produce the best possible tyres on the market with an emphasis on safety, performance and ride comfort. Premium tyres can be a little more expensive but offer better value in the long run as they generally last longer due to the specially developed rubber compounds they are made from. Other brands can’t afford this level of investment in tyre research and so opt for low-grade rubber compounds and generic tread patterns. Many premium tyres also boast greener credentials including better fuel economy and reduced impact on the environment.